Common Aggregate

Metro Reload provides a wide range of common aggregate products, including a variety of sand, gravel, drain rock and oversized boulders.

Our common aggregate products, in addition to our large selection of decorative aggregate, topsoil and mulch, washed aggregate and driveway materials, are sure to provide everything you need to get the job done. From landscaping and gardening to concrete materials, Metro Reload has it all!


• Salt sand

Contains 5% salt and 95% sand

Use salt sand for: road sanding

Common Aggregate - Bedding Sand

Bedding Sand
• Contains 6mm minus pebble and sand blend
• Use bedding sand for: sanding roads and driveways, leveling pavers, patio stones and horse pastures


• Clean Fill

Contains 1 1/2” minus (1 1/2” rock down to sand)

Use clean fill as a non-structural fill

Concrete Gravel (3/8")

3/8″ Concrete Gravel
• Contains 40% – 3/8″ washed rock and 60% sand mixture
• Use 3/8″ gravel for: producing concrete

Concrete Gravel (3/4")

3/4″ Concrete Gravel
• Contains 40% 3/8- 3/4″ washed rock and 60% sand mixture
• Use 3/4″ concrete gravel for: concrete production

Select Pit Run

3″ Minus Select Pit Run
• Contains run 3” minus (3” rock to sand)
• Use our select pit run for: structural fill (sub-base)

Drain Rock

Drain rock is not fractured and does not contain sand. It can be used for drain pits, as well as landscaping.

Drain Rock (2" - 3")

2″ – 3″ Drain Rock

Drain Rock (3 - 6")

3″ – 6″ Drain Rock

Oversized Rock

Oversized boulders are great for creating natural stone walls, as well as feature rocks and for landscaping.

Large Boulders

Oversize Boulders