Driveway Aggregate

Looking to spruce up your driveway, install a new driveway or replace an old one? From base layer to a top dress, we have exactly what you need!

Metro Reload specializes in driveway aggregate.

Driveway Materials

Road Crush (3/4")

3/4″ Road Crush
• Road crush contains ¾” fractured rock with sand
• Road crush is a great compacting material
• Use road crush for: under slab, driveways, retaining walls and road building

Crusher Chips

Crusher Chips
• Contains manufactured fines (1/2” chips)
• Crusher chips are also great for compacting
• Use crusher chips for: pathways, driveways, under slab and retaining walls

3/4" Fracture Clear (Unwashed)

3/4″ Fracture Clear (Unwashed)
• Fracture clear contains ¾” fractured rock (no sand)
• 100% fractured allows material to compact
• Use fracture clear for: top dressing driveways, pathways and landscaping

3/4" Road Mulch Driveway Aggregate

3/4″ Road Mulch
• Contains ¾” fractured rock blended with sand, 10% recycled crusher concrete and asphalt
• Road mulch is another great material for compacting and can be used for packing gravel under slab, driveways, retaining walls, pot holes and road building

Pathways shales are also used on driveways. See Decorate Material.