Topsoil & Mulch

Our topsoil and mulch products are suitable for all gardeners – from the amateur to the landscape expert.

Healthy soil allows plants to flourish and is essential for a beautiful garden. Our range of topsoil, which includes washed sand, Kamloops soil and manure, can be used to enrich the natural soil in your garden and yard or to create a new area for a vibrant selection of vegetables, blooms, grass and turf.

Mulch can help to protect and improve your landscape by preventing erosion and releasing nutrients into the soil. Protect and enhance your soil or improve the look of an existing area in your yard and garden with our selection of mulch products.


Turf Soil

• Blend of sand and basic Kamloops soil (screened)
• Used for under sod/turf

Multipurpose Soil

• Washed course sand
• Manure
• Basic Kamloops soil (screened)
• Used for seeding lawns, planting trees and scrubs

Premium Soil

• Washed sand
• Majority manure
• Screened soil
• Used for flower beds and gardens


Keep away unwanted weeds and retain moisture in garden beds

Topsoil and Mulch - Black Mulch

Fine Black Mulch

Fir Mulch

Fir Bark Mulch (medium mulch)


*Bark mulch is sold by the yard.