Washed Aggregate & Sand

We’ve got the best washed aggregate in town!

Our wash plant carefully filters out all dirt and silt, allowing us to produce the cleanest sand and aggregate.

Our washed products can be used for a variety of projects – whether you’re creating a perimeter drain, doing some landscaping, constructing a septic field, pouring new concrete, stuccoing a home, meeting building codes, or building a play area, we’ve got what you need at the lowest price and best quality in town!


• C33

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand
• Use for: mixing concrete, riding arenas

Masonry Sand

Washed Masonry
• Use for: play areas, stucco, under pool liners

Drain Rock

Drain Rock (1 1/2")

1 1/2″ Washed Drain Rock

Drain Rock (1")

1″ Washed Drain Rock

Washed Birdseye Drain Rock

Washed Birdseye

Pea Rock

Washed Pea Rock

Other Washed Aggregate

Washed Fracture Clear Aggregate (3/4")

Washed 3/4″ Fracture Clear